The manufacturing of natural premium dog chews is what D’bone does best and is our sole philosophy. We specialize in making innovative products with premium raw materials from all by-products of bovine organs. Our production is done without chemicals or artificial additives, being produced in the best environment possible both for the production process, as well as for the staff’s conditions that work at D’bone to get the best natural result possible.

Our premium products

D’bone produces the “regular” line called the Generic Rawhide-Line. The rawhide products are made from a thick hide without small fillers in order to guarantee the dog’s consuming safety. The premium dog chews like the Rawhide Bones, Sticks, Rolls or Donuts with esophagus are known in the market as the Combo-Line. The Natural-Line which uses various by-products of the bovine slaughter processes in a very Natural way. No additives or chemicals are used in this process so dogs will have the best dog treat possible. As D’bone is always trying to be ahead of the market and be innovative, it’s also proud to present the new Munchy-Line +, which is made from premium rawhide with natural palletizers like liver, esophagus, and bull pizzle. The Munchy-Line + is available in different forms and shapes like the Small Munchy Bone +, the Large Munchy Bone + and Munchy sticks +.

Quality standards

Standards are set very high at D’bone in every way, in terms of hygiëne we follow HACCP guidelines, for food safety, we are implementing SQF and after that, we are aiming for BRC, for international labor standards we are being audited for BSCI to guarantee high-quality working conditions for all employees. Safety has a very high priority, regardless if it concerns the staff or our products . No chemicals are used in the brines, solely natural items like garlic, salt, and citrus to clean the by-product. We never work with artificial additives.