Combo Line

Our Combo Line.

Combo is short for “the combination of rawhide and esophagus”.Rawhide and esophagus products are well-known to the pet-market, and in combination offer a brilliant effect. Not only will the treat be accepted by almost all dogs. It’s a fully natural product with actual benefits.

Glucosamine / Chondroitin  

Esophagus is a natural source of Glucosamine/ Chondroitin. Supplements for these are in the market for human consumption-purposes for decades already. For human consumption, it’s derived from shells of shellfish. Our Combo-Line itself is not a medicine, but the consumption of our product will have beneficial functions to possibly prevent the aging effects on the dog’s joints and cartilage production. When a dog or a person gets older, the enzymes responsible for the production of cartilage and joint fluids are negatively affected. It’s commonly accepted that a (daily) intake of Glucosamine/ Chondroitin will benefit anybody. In 55 countries Glucosamine/Chondroitin is registered as a medicine, but as we are dealing with a natural product and not a supplement, levels can vary.

Dental cleaning

Rawhide has a high concentration of collagen, which is a protein which proven to attack tartar and plaque build up in the dog’s mouth, its an actual natural toothbrush. Therefore the wolf with its natural diet would also chew on the skin of its prey as an automatic behavior. When a dog is being offered just rawhide, he will not always accept it at first. In order to obtain the white rawhide the way the consumers like to see it, the hides are being treated, fat, hair and meat are removed. Whilst those are the natural palletizers for the dogs. By adding the esophagus to the rawhide, dogs are far more likely to accept the treat. In general, dogs will first start chewing on the esophagus. By the production process we follow, we ensure that the moisture of the esophagus is dried into the top-layer of the rawhide bone, leaving the smell and taste of the esophagus on the bone. When the dog starts chewing on the rawhide, an enzyme is produced in its saliva which signals its brain that he is chewing on something good. It is the people who want the rawhide to be white, the dog would prefer it in its natural state, We are simply helping nature find it’s way back in the direction of the dog’s wishes.

Thick and heavy

All dogs find pleasure in chewing, you will not see a dog more happy than whilst chewing. It’s instinctive behavior, as it strengthens their jaws, but also cleans their teeth and gums. Products of D’bone ensure a long-lasting treat and therewith a long-lasting pleasure for the dog. D’bone products consist of two individual type of materials which both have a natural benefit on there own but combined even stronger.

The hides we choose for these products are heavy and thick. D’bone’s production originates from Mexico, where the cattle are fed differently compared to Europe and Asia. This has a positive effect on the quality of the skin and by-products. Some suppliers have to go to great lengths in order to try to copy the high quality we offer. But doing so by non-natural processes and even heavy metals.

Hygiene standards are very high at D’bone. We solely air dry all our products so all are free of any contamination and salmonella. We use well-calculated air drying systems which ensure quality on all levels.


The product we offer is a natural one, the two components actually originate out of the original diet of the wolf. There are many producers and well-known brands who make the same claim. Why would anybody choose our product over theirs? It’s all about consumer awareness in the end, which is a trend which fortunately is growing and growing. 80% of all dogs have dental issues, and you do not see a wolf running around with a toothbrush and toothpaste. It knows how to clean its teeth by himself, and dogs know as well, it’s up to their owners to remind them. We do not have to add any non-natural components, raw materials or palletizers which copy the natural effect our treats already provide. And that’s a claim not all producers can make.