D’bone’s Philosophy

D’bone’s Philosophy is to solely focus on premium products. We believe in the word “natural”. And this makes us different from many other producers. We do not use chemicals, but solely natural products to clean the by-products before use, like garlic, sea salt, and citrus. We never work with artificial additives.

It’s not just about producing premium products, it’s also about the people behind the product. Our company genuinely takes good care of its staff. We are in the process of implementing BSCI and will soon be certified. The company has its own busses to collect staff and bring them back home. Safety is a very high priority for us, both for the product as the staff. We are currently in process of getting SQF certified, where BRC will follow straight after.

Overall our goal is to bring premium quality to a market where it is understood that the canine’s desire to chew, can be done with good, clean and natural products.