D'bone's Philosophy

D’bone Europe has the exclusive sales rights in the Benelux and North-America from our partner Argoa GmBh to do the launch of the new Savannapet  Ostrich line of snack/training treats.

  8 different flavour variations available which contain a minimum of 55% real ostrich meat


  Fruit flavours






  Vegetable flavours



  Tea flavours

Buchu tea

Rooibos tea

There will be 3 different snack/training treat variations available




Great benefits of these new ostrich products


  Containing a minimum of 55% of real ostrich meat

  Unique assortment that stands out from the competition

  Available in big volumes

  Production is directly from the manufacturing source in South-Africa

  Pre-packed from the source

  Private label options

  Available from Europe for smaller volumes

  Items have multiple individual benefits. Some contribute to the potassium supply where others contain pectins as a raw fiber contribution. Also the benefits of additional vitamins, natural anti-oxidants and essential oils are to be found

Packaging and private label

  Chips are packed in pouches of 60 gram, the drops and sausages in 150 gram pouches

  Private label options available!

  Also available under the Savannapet   brand

Like what you see and want to receive samples of this unique product line?

Just contact us through our contact form or mail to: info@dbone.eu If you are a distributor or wholesaler, we will be more than happy to provide you with samples of our unique ostrich snacks/training treats

(Note: We don’t provide consumers with samples, B2B only.)