Generic Rawhide Line

Generic Rawhide

Generic rawhide has a high concentration of collagen, which is a protein,  proven to attack tartar and plaque build up in the dog’s mouth, it’s an actual natural toothbrush. The wolf with its natural diet would also chew on the skin of its prey as an automatic behavior. In order to obtain the white rawhide the way the consumers like to see it, the hides are being treated. Fat, hair and meat are removed. Whilst those are the natural palletizers for the dogs, some clients would like to see a palletizer added through a basting process, we offer these basting solutions out of our own, or as per client their specs.

Generic rawhide, Thick and heavy

All dogs find pleasure in chewing, you will not see a dog more happy than whilst chewing. It’s instinctive behavior as it strengthens their jaws but also cleans their teeth and gums. Our product ensures a long-lasting treat and therewith a long-lasting pleasure for the dog. Our product consists of 92% collagen/ Crude protein. The hides we chose for these products are heavy and thick. Our production originates from Mexico, where the cattle are fed differently compared to Europe and Asia, and this has a positive effect on the quality of the raw material. Our products are solely air dried, free of any contamination and salmonella, all because we have very high hygiene standard levels and a well-calculated air drying system which ensures the quality on all levels. In other words, with the quality of our production, there is no need for radiation.