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For us to produce according to the high-quality standards which our clients are used to by now, we source our products directly from the slaughterhouses overnight. All of the production is always treated with a natural brine such as garlic, salt, and citrus to remove excess fat or blood.  With our recipes, we can assure that we have the best looking products, which are clean and safe, and still maintain the smells which will attract any dog.

Our production plant is based in Leon, which is in the center of Mexico, therefore we are ideally located to receive our raw materials from all sides of the country.

As many dogs there are, so is their interest divided over the items available in the market. We do not add any palletizers to our products and let the dog decide what he likes best. Unfortunately, many products available in the market today use additives which are not considered to be good for a dog. Such as various types of sugar and artificial coloring. In our portfolio, you get what you see, the product and nothing added.