Munchy + Line

Munchy Line +

One of our signature product lines is the munchy +. The reason why we call it munchy+ (plus) is the fact that we want to make a clear distinction between our products and those which have been on the market for many years. Also, the products consist out of ground rawhide “munchy” and a natural additive, such as liver, kidney,  esophagus or pizzle.

One of the issues many people have with rawhide is the fact that some dogs will swallow large whole pieces, which in that case are not fully digested and can even cause blocking. To avoid that, we have decided to set up a line where the base material is already ground. We use grade A material to make the munchy flour. As well as grade A by-product. This to ensure the premium quality we stand for.

Every dog has its favorite smell and taste, just like a human with its food. In order to please them all, we have selected a wide range of by-products for the client to choose from. The munchy bones are hand sculpted, just the sticks are extruded.