Dental cleaning

Rawhide has a high concentration of collagen, which is a protein,  proven to attack tartar and plaque build up in the dog’s mouth, its an actual natural toothbrush. The wolf with its natural diet would also chew on the skin of its prey as an automatic behavior. In order to obtain the white rawhide the way the consumers like to see it, the hides are being treated. Fat, hair and meat are removed. Whilst those are the natural palletizers for the dogs, some clients would like to see a palletizer added through a basting process, we offer these basting solutions out of our own, or as per client their specs.


Thick and heavy

All dogs find pleasure in chewing, you will not see a dog more happy than whilst chewing. It’s instinctive behavior as it strengthens their jaws but also cleans their teeth and gums. Our product ensures a long-lasting treat and therewith a long-lasting pleasure for the dog. Our product consists of 92% collagen/ Crude protein. The hides we chose for these products are heavy and thick. Our production originates from Mexico, where the cattle are fed differently compared to Europe and Asia, and this has a positive effect on the quality of the raw material. Our products are solely air dried, free of any contamination and salmonella, all because we have very high hygiene standard levels and a well-calculated air drying system which ensures the quality on all levels. In other words, with the quality of our production, there is no need for radiation.


Combo is short for “the combination of rawhide and esophagus”. Both products well-known to the pet-market, and in combination offer a brilliant effect. Not only will the treat be accepted by almost all dogs. It’s a fully natural product with actual benefits.

Glucosamine/ Chondroitin  

Esophagus is a natural source of Glucosamine/ Chondroitin. Supplements for these are in the market for human consumption-purposes for decades already. For human consumption, it’s derived from shells of shellfish. Our product itself is not a medicine, but the consumption of our product will have beneficial functions to possibly prevent the aging effects on the dog’s joints and cartilage production. When a dog or a person gets older, the enzymes responsible for the production of cartilage and joint fluids are negatively affected. It’s commonly accepted that a (daily) intake of Glucosamine/ Chondroitin will benefit anybody. In 55 countries Glucosamine/Chondroitin is registered as a medicine, but as we are dealing with a natural product and not a supplement, levels can vary.



The product we offer is a natural one, the two components actually originate out of the original diet of the wolf. There are many producers and well-known brands who make the same claim. So why would anybody choose our product over theirs? It’s all about consumer awareness in the end, which is a trend which fortunately is growing and growing. 80% of all dogs have dental issues, and you do not see a wolf running around with a toothbrush and toothpaste. It knows how to clean its teeth by himself, and dogs know as well, it’s up to their owners to remind them. We do not have to add any non-natural components, raw materials or palletizers which copy the natural effect our treats already provide. And that’s a claim not all producers can make.

Natural products / By-products

For us to produce according to the high quality standards which our clients are used to by now , we source or products directly from the slaughterhouses overnight. All of the production is always treated with a natural brine to remove excess fat or blood. Such as garlic, salt and citrus. With our recipes we can assure that the we have the best looking products , which are clean and safe, and still maintain the smells which will attract any dog.

Our production plant is based in Leon, which is in the centre of Mexico, meaning that we are ideally located to receive our raw materials from all sides of the country.

As many dogs there are, so is their interest divided over the items available in the market. We do not add any palletizers to our products and let the dog decide what he likes best. Unfortunately many products available in the market today use additives which are not considered to be good for a dog. Such as various types of sugar and artificial colouring. In our portfolio, you get what you see, the product and nothing added.

Munchy +

One of our signature product lines is the munchy +. The reason why we call it munchy+ ( plus) is the fact that we want to make a clear distinction between our products and those which have been on the market for many years. Also, the products consist out of ground rawhide “munchy” and a natural additive, such as liver, kidney,  esophagus or pizzle.

One of the issues many people have with rawhide is the fact that some dogs will swallow large whole pieces, which in that case are not fully digested and can even cause blocking. To avoid that, we have decided to set up a line where the base material is already ground. We use grade A material to make the munchy flour. As well as grade A by-product. This to ensure the premium quality we stand for.

Every dog has its favorite smell and taste, just like a human with its food. In order to please them all, we have selected a wide range of by-products for the client to choose from. The munchy bones are hand sculpted, just the sticks are extruded.